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Teacher Zone

Welcome to the Heroes Center! The Iowa Transportation Museum and Transportation Heroes Center have been designed as tools for educators to help provide content-rich curriculum into your classroom. The Heroes Center isn't just about transportation. From English lessons to science experiments, there are many ways that you can incorporate this experience into your classroom. Here are some ideas on how students can explore this online exhibit:

English - Select a photo and ask students to prepare a fictional story about what is taking place. What do they see? What was life like when it was taken? What work is being done? Why?

History - Pick a Transportation Hero to study. Who are they? What was their contribution to transportation? What else was happening in Iowa during the time? How did the hero's actions affect the way we live and travel today?

Math - How much gas would it take to drive across Iowa? How could you estimate the number of railroad ties used during the construction of the transcontinental railroad?

Science - Explore the world of physics with a miniature bridge building contest, paper airplane competition or transportation-themed science fair. Use the real-life stories of Transportation Heroes to generate additional ideas about the practical application of science in real-life. Ask students, what role does science play in transportation? Why is that important?

Social Studies - Discuss with your students how transportation in Iowa is different from other areas of the country. How is transportation in the United States different than in other countries? What industries, practices and jobs are more common? What types of transportation jobs will exist in the future?

Imagine that you are the Mayor of Go-Town. What types of transportation are necessary to move things from one place to another? How do people get around in your town? What is the fastest way? How does Go-Town compare to your own hometown?

Teaching Resources

There are many ways the Heroes Center can benefit you and your students:

  • Examining local history.
  • Exploring how lessons from the past have affected the way we live our lives today.
  • Engaging in the world of transportation in an interactive and stimulating way.
Did you know ...

You have the opportunity to see what it takes to keep Go-Town, USA moving? Students can click here to become mayor and make all of the important decisions to keep Go-Town and its citizens rolling.