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Heroes for Kids!

I'll bet you never thought about it, but how we move things from place to place makes a big difference in how we live, work and play. Think about it for a second; did you ever wonder how the milk gets to the grocery store? Or how you're able to get to school each day? Or who the person who plows the snow during a messy storm is?

Transportation makes life go. But it doesn't happen on its own. Hard working men and women provide the raw power to bring us goods on trucks, design safe roads to take us places, or even explore outer space! These people are unique; they dedicate their lives to serving others and improving our quality of life. Iowa has benefitted from thousands of these people over the years, and that's what this web site is all about. We call them Transportation Heroes - special people who have impacted our lives in a special way. They don't do it for recognition because they're all practically invisible, but we each benefit from what they do.

We think these Transportation Heroes ought to be celebrated, which is why we created the Transportation Heroes Center. We hope that you will have fun here, but more importantly, we hope the next time you see someone working to improve your life through transportation, you stop and say thank you.

Can you think of someone right now who has helped you? If so, we hope you will nominate them to become a Hero so that we can celebrate them too.