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A 40 year career in the trucking industry for Ray Allbee, Jr. of Lynnville has earned him recognition by his peers.: Ray Allbee, Jr.

Ray Allbee, Jr.
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Sully Transport

Ray Allbee, Jr. ---- For Ray Allbee trucking is passion and the open road filled his days and nights. He made it his main line of work, his life’s profession. 

Ray has hauled billions of gallons of gasoline during his 40 year career, travelling over 3 million miles and all those miles were accident free. His work week was often six days a week, keeping fuel available to everyone; driving in all kinds of weather for his employer Sully Transport, Inc.

Arland Vander Leest, President of Sully Transport shared by email, Ray was recognized for 40 years of driving for Sully Transport with no reportable accidents. This is a rare and exceptional achievement. We are proud to a part of Ray being honored as a Hero by Example.

Throughout his career trucking was Ray’s love, even though the benefits included long hours and being miles away from home and his family. During his career Ray was driving a gasoline transport, making deliveries throughout Iowa. He also drove to Chicago, Omaha, Kansas City, as well as the State of Minnesota, usually for loading product.

Traveling the Iowa highways and from state to state safety was always on his mind. Ray earned safe driving awards from various insurance companies during his 40 years of driving.

Ray’s work ethic guided him to lead by example in the right way to maintain equipment, transport cargo safely and on time, as well as develop a good relationship with his employer.

For being a consciences driver we recognize Ray Allbee, Jr. as a Hero by Example for his dedication in his safety conscious career as a transport driver. 

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