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In 1940 Ken began driving for Halstead Trucking and later became the owner: Kenneth R. Halstead (1919-2005

Kenneth R. Halstead (1919-2005
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Halstead Trucking

Ken Halsteadbegan driving for Halstead Trucking in the 1940''s and became the owner in 1950. The company was started by Leonard Halstead, his father. The business transported livestock locally and long distances. Straight trucks and semis were operated; with weekend runs to the Chicago Stockyards for Monday sales. The fleet included up to 8 or 9 International tractor/trailer semi units and 2 or 3 straight trucks.

Impact in the community of Grinnell included employment for drivers. Transportation of Ag products also supported the Poweshiek County area. 
Halstead Trucking is believed to be the oldest trucking firm in Poweshiek County, and probably one of the oldest farm-to-market trucking concerns in the state. Halstead Trucking was found in 1929 by Len Halstead. 

Pioneering in the long-distance hauling of livestock by motor truck, Ken’s dad Len took what is believed to be the first load of livestock to be trucked from Central Iowa to Chicago in 1931. The 300 mile trip took 18 hours.

Livestock on that first trip was owned by Farmers Cooperative of Grinnell. The Co-op saw the advantages of truck transportation and soon, long distance livestock hauling by motor truck became a reality.
Semi-trailers entered the Halstead picture as early as 1935 with the purchase of a 20 foot GMC. The firm has always specialized in livestock hauling.

Halstead Trucking included father Len and four sons, all of whom were associated with him in the business at one time or another. Operating continuously from 1929, the firm was purchased by two of the sons, Kenneth and Keith, from their father when he retired in 1950. At that time the firm changed the name and operated as Halstead Brothers Trucking Company. 

Halstead Brothers were awarded first prize in the Chicago livestock farmers and truckers safety campaign for shipments traveling a distance of 176 to 250 miles to Chicago. The award was recognition of the part the firm played in insuring the fine condition of livestock arriving at the Chicago market. Halstead Brothers stressed safety and courtesy among their drivers at all times. 

Born April 20, 1919, on a farm in rural Poweshiek County, he was the son of Leonard A. and Anna T. Larsen Halstead. He was raised in Grinnell and graduated from Grinnell High School with the class of 1938.

He served along with the Ninth Army in the European Theater during World War II.

In 1964, he began his career as a driver for the Grinnell Fire Department, a post from which he retired in 1982.

With great honor we recognize Kenneth Halstead as a Hero of Industry and Technology. Accepting the award on behalf of the Halstead family is Kirk Halstead.

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