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Nellie Ruby was the first women in Iowa to earn and hold and A & P Certification in aircraft maintenance.: Nellie Ruby (1919 - 2005)

Nellie Ruby (1919 - 2005)
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Nellie Ruby and her husband Glenn moved from Oskaloosa to Sigourney, Iowa where they built the Sigourney Airport. For many years they bought, sold, repaired, and traded airplanes all over the North America. In addition to the Sigourney Airport they built and operated the airport in Bloomfield, Iowa.

 Mrs. Ruby’s many accomplishments included being the first women in Iowa to earn and hold an A & P Certificate for aircraft maintenance. She was the only women in Iowa to hold an Authorized Inspector Certificate until 1996.

 Not one to let being a female stop her Nellie worked for her inspection/authorization mechanic’s license so she would not have to fly planes to another certified mechanic to inspect her work.

Mrs. Ruby took the mechanic license exam in 1976. When the examiner finally realized that Nellie was going to pass the test, FAA officials hurriedly began setting up lights and cameras to take Nellie’s picture.

Nellie was also a commercial pilot, flight instructor, spray pilot, and her own aircraft mechanic. She was inducted into the Iowa Aviation Hall of Fame in April 1993. Her other honors include nominated and entered in the Who’s Who of American Women in 1996, Who’s Who of Executives and Professionals in 1995, and in the Who’s Who of Comprehensive Registry in 1996. From 1991 to 1998, she served on the Advisory Board of the Aircraft Maintenance Department at Indian Hills Community College at Ottumwa, Iowa.    

Never one to slow down, Nellie Ruby in 1997 at age 76; for fun, she achieved one of her dreams by skydiving.

For being a pioneer in aircraft maintenance and a continuing influence to female pilots we award our Hero by Example to Nellie Ruby. Accepting in her honor was her son Wayne Ruby. 

Nellie Ruby received the Hero By Example award for being a pioneer in aircraft maintenance. Her son Wayne Ruby accepted on her behalf.
Family members Wayne & Karen Ruby, Troy Ruby, Melvin and Jo Vos, Dale and Bell Vos, and Gertrude DeVries
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