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A committed educator but also a mentor & friend, Dr. Tom Maze made Iowa State University one of the leading university transportation related research programs in the United States.: Dr. Thomas Maze (1952 - 2009)

Dr. Thomas Maze (1952 - 2009)
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At Iowa State University, Dr. Maze envisioned and then developed a robust program in transportation research, academic excellence, and outreach that has become one of the leading university transportation-related research programs in the United States.

Dr. Maze facilitated the development of a unique and progressive transportation research management agreement between the university and the Iowa Department of Transportation. This efficient administrative tool continues to facilitate the centers quick response to identified transportation-related research and technology needs in Iowa and reflects a level of university-agency partnering that is the envy of many states.

Dr. Maze also worked on advanced transportation technological innovations in intelligent vehicle systems for commercial vehicles, transportation-related applications of geographic information systems, and traffic and safety engineering innovations.

In recent years, he has focused on weather-related issues through a final program he initiated in 2003, the Center for Weather Impacts on Mobility and Safety (CWIMS).

One of his legacies is the Mid-Continent Transportation Research Symposium, a conference he initiated in 1996 in partnership with the Iowa DOT. Through ongoing activities like the symposium, as well as the extensive body of work he leaves behind, Dr. Maze’s accomplishments will continue to have an impact across Iowa, the country, and beyond for a very long time.
 As a committed educator, Dr. Maze taught more than 70 courses at Iowa State University covering some 30 topics and introduced a new, interdisciplinary Master of Science in Transportation Planning degree. He was a demanding but generous academic mentor and the major advisor. He also took a keen interest in nurturing new faculty members and guided them in developing successful careers.

To an outstanding educator and a continuing influence in transportation research we award our Hero by Example to Dr. Thomas Maze. Accepting this honor was Tom’s wife Leslie Maze.

An outstanding educator & still an influence in transportation research Dr. Tom Maze is a Hero by Example. His wife Leslie Maze accepted the honor on his behalf.
Family members Mark and Dr.Marty Euwema, Leslie Maze and Dr. Marilyn Maze
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