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Lincoln Highway Paving Crew: Jacob Stevens (1894-1980)

Jacob Stevens (1894-1980)
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Following the end of World War I in 1918, Jacob Stevens returned to his hometown of Jefferson, Iowa in Greene County. It was during this time that rural areas became a part of Americans' enthusiasm for good roads.  This led to the involvement of the federal government in building roads and the creation of numbered U.S. routes during the 1920s.

Jake continued to make history by working on the paving of what today we know as Highway 30.

Iowa 6 was the main road going through Greene County and was so designated on July 1, 1920. This road would become US 30 when it was renamed bythe U.S. Highway System in 1926. The route it takes dates back to 1913, when the Lincoln Highway Association (LHA) designated the route across the country. 

In 1921 the first areas of Greene County were paved with remaining segments completed by 1923. Jake Stevens and the men he worked with put all their energies into completing the paving, hoping to be among one of the first areas in the state to be paved.

Following the completion of the project he was employed by the IA Hwy Commission until his retirement. 

Living in Jefferson, Iowa, Jake proudly maintained his assigned area of Highway 30, whether it was mowing the roadways, plowing snow or performing routine repairs to the surface of the road. 

Accepting in honor of Jake Stevens is his son-in-law Earl Blair of Grinnell.

Accepting in honor of Jake Stevens is his son-in-law Earl Blair of Grinnell
Jake Stevens, WWI Veteran was employed by the Iowa Highway Commission until his retirement.
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