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Beautifying Iowa: Carl Rhinehart

Carl Rhinehart
Transportation Mode:
Other Highway Construction

The Rhinehart Contractors, located in Victor, IA, performed erosion control work on new and existing roadways across the state of Iowa.  Work on Interstate 80 was one of the company’s major projects. 

The company consisted of L.W. Rhinehart and his three sons, Carl, Clair, and David. Beginning in the early 1950's the company had contracts all over the state of Iowa. Today when traveling the roads of Iowa Carl shares with his family stories of all the different roads they worked on. The family now lives in Grinnell, Iowa.

In the early 1960's Carl developed a long-lasting relationship with an African-American from Mississippi who would bring crews to Iowa every summer to work for the Rhineharts. He provided many people with good jobs to support their families. 

ITM Museum Executive Director Chuck Brooke (L) and Board President Gerry Schnepf (R) presented Carl his award.
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