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Entrepreneur to Iowa Legislator: Floyd Pine

Floyd Pine
Transportation Mode:


Floyd Pine was born and raised in Louisa County.  As an entrepreneur  in Columbus Junction, he piloted customers from Southeastern Iowa to purchase automobiles and aircraft in cities across America.  


From 1923 to 1955 Floyd was owner and manager of Pine Brothers Automobile dealership.  From 1931 to 1951 he was also an aviator and
owner of various aircraft.  In 1932 Floyd and brother, Ernest Pine, also an aviator, started Pine Brothers Aviation Company.  Floyd was instrumental in obtaining local and state approval, and Federal Government funding to build a local airfield and hangar north of Columbus Junction.

Floyd served in the Iowa House of Representatives from 1936-1942.  While in the House Floyd served on several committees vital to transportation.  In 1937 he served as chairman of Aeronautics, in 1939 chairman of Motor Vehicles, and in 1941 chairman of National Defense.  He also served on committees for Roads and Highways, Railroads, Commerce and Trade, and Social Security.

Floyd served in the Iowa Senate from 1943-1945.  As a state senator Floyd served as chairman of the Manufacturing, Commerce and Trade committee in 1943 and chairman of the Motor Vehicles committee in 1945.  He also served on committees for Railroad, Aeronautics, National Defense, Military Affairs, and Social Security.

Son Gordon Pine accepted award
ITM Museum Executive Director Chuck Brooke (L) and Board President Gerry Schnepf (R) presented Gordon Pine his father's award.
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