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Buggy to Automobile: Henry W. Spaulding (1846-1937)

Henry W. Spaulding (1846-1937)
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After several job adventures, Henry settled in Grinnell, Iowa in 1876 beginning a business as a blacksmith and carriage builder on a small scale.  The first year he built 15 new carriage buggies.  By 1883, he was building 350.

Henry sold half interest in his carriage business to A. P. Phillips & Son.  The company was renamed Spaulding, Phillips, & Son Company.  By 1887 they were taking 800 orders.  The company had several business partners until 1900 when Henry’s two sons, F. E. Spaulding and E. H. Spaulding, bought out their father’s partner.  The father and sons venture became known as the Spaulding Company, increasing their production to 6000 carriages.  Maximum annual output increased to 10,000 carriages, employing 300 people.  Vehicles were sold directly to the consumer.  The company switched to manufacturing the Spaulding automobile from 1911-1916.  The company produced truck cabs and bodies for other car and truck manufactures, including Henry Ford, until the Depression caused the company to close.

Mr. Spaulding was very active in the Grinnell community.  He was elected as a councilman and later held the position of mayor of Grinnell.  In 1910 he was elected as an Iowa State Senator representing the Grinnell area.

Henry Spaulding
Henry Spaulding's Grandson
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